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Latest version: PHP Navigator v4.44

Last Release: 10 December 2011

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Screenshot History
from Official PHP Navigator
version: 3.21
date: 2 Oct 2006

Oldest stable version before newer enhancements. Actual Windows Icons.

(800x600 @ 17.69KB)
version: 4.2
date: 25 Sept 2007

First version with multi-user login. New icons still currently used.

(800x600 @ 21.18KB)
version: 4.42
date: 1 June 2011

Windows-Rounded - new look based on Rounded Prototype theme.

(1280x901 @ 50.57KB)
version: 4.44
date: 10 Dec 2011

new Rounded look from the Prototype, on the demo server in Chrome.

(1280x963 @ 121.75KB)

from PHP Navigator v4.12 Prototype (Paul Wratt)
version: 3.21
date: 14 Feb 2007

First Enhanced PHP Navigator with Holocross icons for Christmas 2006.

(1280x963 @ 209.07KB)
version: 4.1
date: 26 May 2007

Second Enhanced PHP Navigator. The version is misleading, there was no v4.2 at the time.

(986x567 @ 26.91KB)
version: 4.12.1
date: 6 Jun 2007

First Prototype version, about 50% code change. Unofficial v4.2 at the time.

(1005x677 @ 200.40KB)
version: 4.12.16
date: 14 Jan 2011

Rounded - First new default theme, compatible with official version. Shows Glassplate Icons (213 64x64).

(1265x900 @ 51.43KB)
version: WebTOS v1.0
date: 26 May 2000

Functional Atari ST Desktop design in HTML. Done in South Africa on a Pentium 233MHz

(1016x592 @ 9.58KB)
version: 4.12.5
date: 20 Jun 2008

First Atari ST skin for Prototype version.

(1280x1024 @ 41.34KB)
version: 4.12.20
date: 7 June 2011

Most of Paul's updates and prototype were done online in this Editor.

(1280x963 @ 196.04KB)

from Other PHP Navigator versions